Neighborhood Rescue of America provides strategic advice and training to local police departments and city officials. Financial cost/benefit (ROI) models are created for cities interested in improving their struggling Black and Hispanic low-income communities and reducing crime. 

A national TV show produced by Creating Legends, documenting select local turn-arounds by Neighborhood Rescue of America enables wide national publicity for the participants, in addition to regular editorial media coverage. This provides a high ROI for companies participating. 

2011 - Christian creates the 10 step system for neighborhood turn-around's and decides to test it in Las Vegas, which has the worst conditions for children in USA.

​​Ever since my African-American studies in college in my early twenties, through to my travels later in life as a motivational speaker to the struggling ethnic communities throughout America, I realized that something had to urgently be done. Being an ethnic child in poverty in America means according to studies an over 96% chance of failure, meaning little or no chance to escape the socioeconomic class in their lifetime. Even animals are at risk as they are faced with the potential worst degree of animal cruelty. The only way to change the negative future for the children and their pets is to change their now destructive high crime environment to one that is safe, positive and nurturing, which teaches them the right behavioral patterns.  As part of my own company's Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program I created a 10-step system for turning around struggling ethnic communities, which was first tested and validated in the most dangerous community in Las Vegas, resulting in a 75% reduction in violent crime. This private, non-governmental initiative, which was based on volunteerism and private donations, was documented on film in Vegas Vikings - The 21 day challenge and in the manual: Neighborhood Rescue 101 - How to fix Black and Hispanic low-income communities. The universal work model can be implemented in any city across America.  

General Sun Tzu’s “Every battle is won before it is fought”, is representative of the core philosophy behind the faith based Neighborhood Rescue of America organization. Everything is research based, with data mining being a key driver, ensuring that all data gathered is validated/analyzed before being entered into models for review. The information gathered is inter-linked to socio-economic models for cost analysis. These data elements influences key decisions in identifying targeted neighborhoods and the lives to be positively impacted and saved. In NRA’s very research driven environment, through grass roots efforts and with the brightest of minds working together there is one ultimate goal, which is to rehabilitate the most dangerous low-income ethnic communities of America. Everyone participating in this crucial nationwide project gets to not only do groundbreaking work in the quantifiable findings created, but also see their data put to use to change the lives of people. Each member of our team is key in creating new hope for the children and their struggling communities ,as well as reducing the risk of future riots and saving the lives of both residents and police officers in our efforts to help improve the low-income ethnic neighborhoods. .

Our goal is to function as an "umbrella" for the organizations that are recruited for the targeted rescues such as in the Las Vegas case study, which was a result of a number of organizations collaborating, following the 10-step system to turn around the struggling low-income ethnic neighborhood.  After the rehabilitation we next track/monitor the changed behavioral patters and progress of the children, to again build on this data, as we also benchmark the findings between the neighborhoods themselves, to ensure that our work model always evolves.

While doing our rescues we want all stakeholders participating in Neighborhood Rescue of America's turn key neighborhood turnarounds; it being local government, social conscious companies (CSR) or police departments to receive a high ROI (Return on Investment).  This ROI would be both direct in reference to the media coverage, and indirect in regards to the socio economic impact. In the example of the Sierra Oeste- Las Vegas turnaround, the ROI for each dollar invested was 10X in regards to editorial media ($1 million), and 100X for the socioeconomic impact ($10 million). Now with our new national TV show capturing select rescues by NRA where the partners are integrated within the show it would mean a nationwide platform, which would increase the ROI exponentially.

When we rehabilitate the low-income Black and Hispanic communities everyone wins!




2015 -Christian receives honorary award from Las Vegas Mayor Carolyn Goodman and the City Council  for turning around the most dangerous community in Las Vegas.

Neighborhood Rescue of America  is a faith based national 501 (C)(3) non-profit grass roots organization facilitating turnarounds and rehabilitations of struggling low-income ethnic communities with high crime, through a proven 10-step model. The goal is to create a transformed and safer environment for the children, their families and their pets. while also economically benefiting local businesses, the city and state at large. The turnarounds take place in partnerships with socially conscious companies and organizations interested in helping the affected neighborhoods. Refer to our Las Vegas case study , which validated the blueprint that is applicable to all struggling high crime neighborhoods nationwide.



​​1988 - Christian conducts his university studies in African-American studies and field trips to the ethnic communities, which will come to change his life forever.

Neighborhood Rescue of America assists in recruiting a facilitator and a winning rescue team. In addition help is provided in identifying potential partners and alliances for the turn-around, which will ultimate determine the sucess of the project. 





Neighborhood Rescue of America  takes an active part in select projects throughout the US applying their proven 10 step methodology in partnership with local organizations and police to help  turn around their struggling low-income ethnic high crime neighborhoods. 

2014 - The Las Vegas group w/ Christian as project director & 15 non-profits helps police dept. to turn around most dangerous place reducing violent crime with 75% using the 10 step system.

2017 - Local faith based volunteer chapters are established to turn around struggling low-income ethnic neighborhoods throughout America, according to the blueprint, to help the children and their pets. 

2010 - Christian travels as a motivational teacher to struggling ethnic communities throughout USA sharing his educational system, presented in: Change Your Life Change the World.